Sponsorship Opportunities

With the Fall season fast approaching, Boston Rugby, as always, would like to thank our generous sponsors and donors for providing solutions (both financial and otherwise) to the various challenges that any rugby cub is faced with.

Our primary sponsors are:

Koa Labs
Boston Interactive
Critter Control

New Opportunities

As always, Boston Rugby Club are on the lookout for new and exciting sponsorship partnerships. If your company, or a company you work for/with is interested in discussing the opportunities Boston Rugby can provide you with in exchange for a sponsorship package, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at contactus@brfc.org.

Individual Player Sponsorship Packages

This year, the club is offering you the opportunity to sponsor individual players, opening the door to a whole host of potential for affordable sponsorship. The individual player sponsorship package, is as follows:

What is required from you or your company?

  • At a minimum, you will cover the sponsored players dues for the season, which may be up to $400, depending on the player (we provide tiered dues rates to alleviate pressure on college students and recent graduates)
  • You may, if you wish to do so, offer to cover extra rugby related expenses for your chosen player (e.g. travel, gym membership etc).

What you will receive in return

  • Your company name and/or logo and a link to your website will appear on the 'Teams' section of the Boston Rugby website alongside your player (e.g. "Proudly sponsored by [Company Name/Logo]".)
  • Your company name, logo and link to your website will also be included on the 'Sponsorship' section of our website.
  • Our communications will endeavor to promote your organization on our various social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.
  • Your company name, logo and a link to your website will be included in any team announcements which reference the player you sponsor (e.g. Match reports & team selection announcements).
  • Our communications will endeavor to promote any marketing activities that you and your organization makes us aware of (e.g. Press releases, blog posts, events etc).

In addition to the above, we are always open to suggestions/requests and are constantly exploring new ways to give back to our sponsors and donors. With that in mind, please don't hesitate to propose your ideas to us.


If any of the above is of interest to you, please email us at contactus@brfc.org.