Player Testimonials

Niko Ratumaitavuki

25 - Aukland, New Zealand

Current Team: North Harbour

"I had a friend that was playing at Boston who recommended the club to me. I had always wanted to travel to the States, especially because I'm a big fan of American sports and Boston has some of the most famous and decorated franchises in sports with the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox & Bruins."

"I really enjoyed my time in Boston playing rugby for Boston Rugby Club. The team has an awesome culture and all the guys love rugby, winning and having fun. During my stay in Boston I met a lot of awesome people involved at the club who made my stay very memorable and enjoyable. Hopefully I'll be back in the future to catch up with everyone, playing for Boston Rugby was a great experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to play abroad or to play with a great bunch of guys in a great city."

Lucas Baistrocchi

22 - Argentina

Current Team: Boston RFC

I was drawn to Boston for the first time when I was studying Sport Management in Florida. The love the city has for all their sport teams is something that's unmatched throughout the U.S. Wanting to work in this industry and play the highest level of rugby in America, I reached out to Coach Dimo and we met with Captain Sean Treacy for lunch during one of my visits to Boston. From that point on I knew I wanted to play for Boston RFC.

The passion and work ethic everyone has at BRFC is something truly admirable. Every practice I learned something new from all the experienced players and coaches, which helped me give everything for the team on and off the field. What makes Boston RFC special is the tightly-knit group of players from all over the world working towards the same goal and welcoming anyone who's willing to work their hardest to achieve it.